The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet

Imagine if you had data on:-

* Which players are best or worst at defending a break advantage.

* Which players are best or worst at fighting back from a break deficit.

* Which players are best or worst at the early or late parts of a set - compared to their service hold/break percentages. 

* Which players are best or worst in 1st, 2nd and 3rd sets.

* Which players have a propensity to have 3 set matches.

As we all know, in order to beat the exchange markets you need to be more knowledgeable than your competition.

Whenever you make an In-Play trade on a betting exchange, there's someone opposing your view - that's your competition there and then.  

To prosper, you need to be more knowledgeable than that opposing trader during In-Play situations.  

The question is  - are you? 

Statistics are a great way of establishing an edge in the markets, but until now most resources only provide pre-match stats or stats after a set - for example win percentage when a set up/down, or in deciding sets.  

The simple reason for this lack of information is because generating data as to how players perform during a set is highly complex.  It requires collecting, analysing and processing of the point by point data - a painstaking and laborious operation.

It therefore follows that anyone in possession of this crucial data should have a big advantage over the market competition. 

After spending many hours failing to find seeking such a service, I'm pleased to say that is now the first Tennis Trading website to offer specific in-play statistics for each top 100 player in a variety of in-set scenarios.

The end result is a variety of spreadsheets which when collated together, results in the Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet.

You can now access data on these many previously unanalysed in-play scenarios!


What Subscribers Get:-

4 Individual Spreadsheets containing data on all top 100 ATP or WTA players (and some other players too)

1 - Data on Early Parts of a set - the first 2 service games for each player.  12 month percentages for service holds and breaks in this early part of the set, and month by month hold/break breakdown.  This will enable users to assess which players start sets fast and slow.

2 - Data on Late Parts of a set - any game after the first player has got to 4 games in the set.   12 month percentages for service holds and breaks in this late part of the set, and month by month hold/break breakdown.  This will enable users to assess which players are mentally strong and mentally weak in the critical end of set games where the market swings are huge.

3 - Data on Break Backs - 12 month percentages for players in two scenarios.  Their success percentage for defending a break lead (e.g. they win the set without getting broken back) and their percentage for recovering a break deficit (e.g. they get the set back on serve), and month by month breakdown.  This will enable users to assess which players are best for laying a break up or backing when a break down.

4 - Full 1st/2nd/3rd set Win Percentages - 12 month percentages for players for each set, plus a percentage of matches where a player's matches go to 3 sets, and month by month breakdown.  This will enable users to see which players start matches badly or well, which players struggle in second sets (showing that they either give up leads a lot or give up when behind) and which players are best in the deciding set where fitness and mental strength play a huge part.

1 Ranking Spreadsheet. 

This allows users to see which players are best at worst at the various categories identified. 

1 Main Spreadsheet. 

This has all the relevant data collated on it so that users have this at their fingertips for ease of use in the markets.  This also has the 12 month service hold/break percentages for each player and will show how each statistic deviates from a players average stats.


It is not difficult to see how this data will be able to create many new potentially lucrative avenues for traders in the markets.   

 These 6 spreadsheets are available for the ATP or WTA for a variety of attractive prices.

* Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet - 1 off Payment of £40 (no updates)

* Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet + 1 update credit (for any future update of your choice) - £50 (saving £5)

* Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet + 2 update credits (for any future updates of your choice) - £60 (saving £10)

* Individual Update Credit (must purchase the Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet first) - £15

You can also purchase both versions combined for a discounted price.

* ATP & WTA Version - 1 off payment of £70 (no updates) - saving £10

* ATP & WTA Version + 1 update credit for both - £85 - saving £15

* ATP & WTA Version + 2 update credits for both - £100 - saving £20 

Both the ATP and WTA versions have been updated, ready for the 2014 Season, and subsequently the spreadsheets will be updated ready for the 1st of every month.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet can do for you, your website or company, please contact me via email. 

To get your free sample you can sign up at  

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The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet has attracted great interest in the Tennis Trading community!  This incredible trading tool will transform your Tennis Trading and unearths statistics and trading angles you've never considered possible.  Due to the work required to get this powerful information, the data on this spreadsheet is available nowhere else online! 

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