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TennisRatings Stat of the Day:- Sara Errani has lost a break lead 51.15% in the last 12 months.
TennisRatings Trade of the Day:- Lay Sara Errani at various situations (in the daily previews) against Caroline Wozniacki
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Latest Match Previews - 2nd September 2014:-

It's day nine of the US Open and we have the final four round of 16 ATP matches, and the just two in the WTA as the quarter-finals commence.

The Tier Two Daily Spreadsheet has highlighted some decent spots today and I'll go through some of those for today's previews.  With the Challenger Daily Spreadsheets now available, those who want to trade 24 hours a day can pretty much do so, with action around the globe in six Challenger tournaments, so if six matches isn't enough for you, there's plenty of opportunities to get involved in some lower level events.

My US Open Writing:- 25th August 2014:-

New Article - 21st August 2014:-

Analysis of the In-Play Soccer Spreadsheets for 15-17th August 2014:-

I take a look at triggered lays for the English Premier League & Championship, French Ligue 1 and the Dutch Eredivisie on week 1/2 of the season.

New Article - 21st August 2014:-

'Annika Beck Scouting Report' - I take a look at the stats behind Annika Beck and answer the question 'Is she the biggest statistical anomaly in the WTA?'

TennisRatings Chat Room - 18th August 2014:-

The TennisRatings Chat Room will go live this week!  

Free to anyone that has ever purchased a TennisRatings product, this will be rolled out in time for the US Open...

Product Update - 12th August 2014:-

Ready for the 2014-15 season, the TennisRatings In-Play Soccer Spreadsheet is here!

Complete with in-play data on how often teams recover from in-play deficits in matches, and with home, away and overall data included, this is the TennisRatings Soccer version of the highly popular break-back concept in Tennis.

Challenger Daily Spreadsheets - 8th August 2014:-

There has been some recent interest in a daily spreadsheet to cover ATP Challenger events.  
If this is something that interests you, please get in touch at, and I will add your name to the list of interest.

New Website Article - 5th August 2014:-

"Laying at Low Prices - WTA" - I look at when it is viable to lay WTA players at short prices - specifically when a set and break up, or a break up in the final set...

WTA Montreal Tournament Preview - 4th August 2014:-

Please welcome Matt to TennisRatings.  He's been doing some statistical work with us for a while now and his preview of the WTA Montreal Tournament is now live on the website!

New Website Article - 2nd August 2014:-

"Laying at Low Prices - ATP" - I look at when it is viable to lay players at short prices - specifically when a set and break up, or a break up in the final set...

New Website Article - 30th July 2014:-

"Making the step up - Part Two" - An assessment of young WTA players in Qualifiers with a view to seeing which can make it at WTA level, and some useful pointers for trading when they do play on the WTA Tour.

New Website Articles - 28th July 2014:-

"Making the step up" - An assessment of young Challenger players with a view to seeing which can make it at ATP level, and some useful pointers for trading when they do play on the ATP Tour.

"An assessment of ATP break-back statistics" - I analyse the in-play stats for ATP players when a break up or down, comparing them to service hold/break expectation, to see which players are 'clutch', and which ones choke under pressure...

New Website Articles!

A very detailed scouting report comparing Joao Sousa and Aljaz Bedene, and why they are ranked where they are.
You can check out the article via this link.

I assess the incredible betting market in the Dudi Sela/Facundo Arguello match on Bogota on the 15th July.
You can check out the article via this link.

An analysis of Milos Raonic and John Isner according to various handicap betting situations.
You can check out the article via this link.

The TennisRatings Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet is now available! :-

This NEW product, the pre-match version of the popular Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet, released in June 2014, shows the percentages for around 130 ATP players, and a similar figure for WTA players, for covering various handicap lines, including:-

* Various game handicap lines

* Various set handicap lines

* Various over/under total game lines

* Various over/under 9.5 games in first set lines

This incredible new betting tool will enable users to make value bets on the pre-match handicap markets, taking advantage of the flaws in the bookmakers' approach!

So if you want to know stats like how often John Isner has a first set tie-break (52.4%), or how often he covers the 9.5 game line in the first set as an underdog (83.0%), then this is the product for you!

For more information, please check out the Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet link.

TennisRatings Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet

Wimbledon Podcast - 20th June 2014:-

Apologies for the lack of match previews this week - I've been working flat out on a new project, of which more will be explained in the very near future!

In the meantime, I did a Wimbledon podcast with the excellent Dave Duffield over at Champion Picks, and you can check that out via this link.

My Pinnacle Sports Wimbledon Previews - June 2014:-



ATP & WTA Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet Update June 2014:-

The new June 2014 version of the Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet is now available.  

As always, data includes stats for over 130 ATP players, and a similar amount of WTA players.

Stats covered include:-

General hold/break stats
Hold/break stats in opening 2 service games
Hold/break stats in late games
Break lead loss and break deficit recovery percentages
Percentage wins for each set, 3 set match percentages

Some interesting stats:-

Anna Schmiedlova holds 16.3% less in late games of sets than overall
Katarzyna Piter holds 13.0% less in her first two service games than overall
Alejandro Falla holds 12.3% less in late games of sets than overall
Andrey Golubev holds 9.3% less in his first two service games than overall

If you would like to know stats which are vital for trading success, this is an essential purchase!
Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet

Latest Pinnacle Sports Article (30th May 2014):-

My latest Pinnacle Sports article focuses on the start of the grass court season, assessing which players have good or bad records on the surface...

Latest Tier Two Spreadsheet Break-Back Stats (24th May 2014):-

WTA - 440 trades, 259 winners (58.86%) - 9.30% above WTA top 100 average
ATP - 297 trades, 131 winners (44.11%) - 10.79% above ATP top 100 average

TennisRatings Tier Two Spreadsheet

New Website Article - Berdych vs Dolgopolov - Using Break Back Percentages In-Play - 15th April 2014

In the second of a small series of articles, I look at how we can use break-back percentages in-play and the maths and statistics behind them.[Read More]

The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet:-

The best in-play Tennis stats on the internet have been updated at the start of April.  No serious trader can be without this essential trading tool.  [Read More].
Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet

Latest Article:-

I've added a new article to the website (28th March 2014) where I statistically deconstruct the Agnieszka Radwanska vs Dominika Cibulkova match in the Miami quarter-finals, looking at viable trading avenues based on the stats and showing how game state can influence trading decisions.

Pinnacle Sports Articles:-

All the articles that I've written for Pinnacle Sports are now linked in chronological order via the Pinnacle Sports Articles link.

TennisRatings Product Portfolio:-

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TennisRatings Daily Spreadsheets

The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet has attracted great interest in the Tennis Trading community!  This incredible trading tool will transform your Tennis Trading and unearths statistics and trading angles you've never considered possible.  Due to the work required to get this powerful information, the data on this spreadsheet is available nowhere else online! 

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