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19th AUGUST 2016:-

17th AUGUST 2016:-

16th AUGUST 2016:-

15th AUGUST 2016:-

12th AUGUST 2016:-

11th AUGUST 2016:-

10th AUGUST 2016:-

8th AUGUST 2016:-

6th AUGUST 2016:-

5th AUGUST 2016:-

I'm pleased to announce two new websites - and!

SoccerRatings will now provide weekly trading previews and articles, and contains the In-Play Soccer Spreadsheets (expanded to 23 leagues around the world) which were previously available here.

CricketRatings will initially contain player and ground analysis articles, whilst I finish building and testing models, when previews and data for televised matches will also be available.

3rd AUGUST 2016:-

Since 1/8/15: 481 bets, 3.27% ROI (based on staking to win level stakes profit using Pinnacle Prices when spreadsheets sent to subscribers).

Prices 1.01-2.99, 335 bets, 4.15% ROI.

Since 3/9/14: 2791 bets, 2.97% ROI based on staking to win a level profit.

Prices 1.01-2.99, 2032 bets, 3.97% ROI.

152 bets, 5.52% ROI

2nd AUGUST 2016:-

Since 1/1/14: 1333 bets, 3.97% ROI (based on staking to win level stakes profit using Pinnacle Prices when spreadsheets sent to subscribers).

Prices 1.01-2.99, 898 bets, 5.45% ROI.

30th JULY 2016:-

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7th JULY 2016:-

All Sets

1st BB Yes

1st BB No


PH at least within 5% of mean and…

CS 105.00-114.99




CS 115.00+




28th JUNE 2016:-

27th JUNE 2016:-

Wimbledon Previews for Pinnacle Sports:-
ATP - click here
WTA - click here

23rd JUNE 2016:-

I look at the stats behind Radwanska's horrific third set record, and assess whether bettors and traders can exploit this tendency...

19th JUNE 2016:-

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