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LATEST NEWS - 28th JANUARY 2015:- 

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Calculating Young Player Improvement Part Two - Assessing future levels for ATP Top 200 players under 25 - I look at the statistics of current ATP Top 200 players at the age of 19 and work out where they will be ranked at 25, and look at how financial investors may be missing out by not investing in young players with high potential...[Read More]

Calculating Young Player Improvement Part One 
- Why Nick Kyrgios won't make world number one by the age of 25 - I assess the statistical historical improvement of a number of players and apply this data to Kyrgios, to calculate his future improvement...[Read More]

I look at how the TennisRatings ATP/WTA model is performing during the opening month of the season...[Read More]

Which players thrive or deteriorate in long matches?  I look at best of three set and best of five set matches to see if there is any relationship between players' records in long matches...[Read More]

Australian Open Trading Preview:-
I look at a number of historical trends which assesses a number of trading angles for the first Grand Slam of 2015...[Read More]

2015 Season Week Two Tournament Preview:-
A detailed assessment of the conditions, contenders and statistics for the second week of the 2015 ATP & WTA seasons...[Read More]

2015 Season Week One Tournament Preview:-
A detailed assessment of the conditions, contenders and statistics for the opening week of the 2015 ATP & WTA seasons...[Read More]

Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet Update is now available.
Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet Update will be ready during week commencing 5th January.

New Article 1 - Players To Watch - Decliners from 2014 into 2015:-
I look at which players look to be in an irreversible decline based on their 2014 stats.  Future trading opposition, particularly on serve, looks viable in almost all cases...[Read More]

New Article 2 - Using Historical Scenarios in Trading:-
I give an insight in how using previous matches provide an incredibly accurate measure of what will happen during current matches, and dispel the myth of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova being 'comeback beasts'. [Read More]

New Article 3 - Analysis of the TennisRatings ATP Model in the 2014 Season:-
I assess the performance of my ATP and ATP Challenger model for the entire 2014 season, showing a strong >3% ROI for both tours in matches from the second round onwards in tournaments.

New Article 4 - Analysis of the In-Play Soccer Spreadsheets (Part One):-
With the Tennis season taking a break for the off-season, I thought it might be interesting to do some analysis on the In-Play Soccer Spreadsheets and evaluate how they have performed in the first four months of the season. [Read More]

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The 2014-15 Season In-Play Soccer Spreadsheet is now reduced to £35.00 to reflect expired time in the season.

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Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet
The Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet is perfect for pre-match Tennis Bettors...

This new product, which was released in June 2014, shows the percentages for around 130 ATP players, and a similar figure for WTA players, for covering various handicap lines, including:-

* Various game handicap lines

* Various set handicap lines

* Various over/under total game lines

* Various over/under 9.5 games in first set lines

TennisRatings Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet

The Challenger Daily Spreadsheets cover all ATP Challenger Events and include projected hold percentages (for traders) and model prices (for bettors and traders).

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The TennisRatings In-Play Soccer Spreadsheet:-

Complete with in-play data on how often teams recover from in-play deficits in matches, and with home, away and overall data included, this is the TennisRatings Soccer version of the highly popular break-back concept in Tennis.