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Break Lead Loss/Recovery Data updated at the end of the 2015 ATP/WTA season - regular updates (at least weekly) are FREE with the outright one-off purchase.  This data was referred to extensively in the player data section of my presentation at the 2015 MatchBook Traders Conference on the 14th October.
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27th OCTOBER 2015:-

Latest ATP & Challenger Daily Spreadsheets P&L results available (at 27/10/15):-
ATP:- 983 bets, 3.47% ROI (Pinnacle Prices).  Prices 1.01-2.99, 4.76% ROI.
Challenger:- 1727 bets, 4.26% ROI.  Prices 1.01-2.99, 5.53% ROI.
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20th OCTOBER 2015:-

New Trading Article:-

Formulating a Trading Plan Using Lead Loss/Recovery Data:-
This new article looks at a number of ATP and WTA players and uses their in-play lead loss and recovery data to formulate trading entry points.  To view the article click here.

Champion Picks Podcast:-
I chat with Dave Duffield about Tennis Data and Analysis.  Check it out via this link.

In-Play Soccer Spreadsheets:-
These have been updated again, ready for September matches. For more information click here.

Low Price Lead Loss & Recovery Data Spreadsheets updated - with a highly successful 40 tick gain lay of Pennetta vs Halep (US Open Semi-Final) at 1.33 at a set and break up early in set 2 mentioned on Twitter using the stats from these spreadsheets.

For more information click here.

ATP & Challenger Daily Betting/Trading Spreadsheet P&L Updates:-
ATP - 934 bets, 3.02% ROI
Challenger - 1363 bets, 4.27% ROI
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Eastbridge Sports Betting Brokers Betting Previews:-
I am writing Daily Betting Previews for Eastbridge from Wednesday-Friday plus some weekend previews.
From the start of the 2015 season until 30th August, inclusive, these have returned 4.52% ROI based on level profit, and 5.93% ROI based on level stake.

To see the services that Eastbridge offer, please visit this link.

Article 1: Front-Runner and Recovery Scoring - ATP and WTA Top 100 players - updated 19th June 2015.
I look at how we can combine three metrics to give an overall 'front-runner' and recovery score for Tennis players, and highlight which ATP and WTA players are good and bad as front-runners, and when losing n matches...
For ATP [Read More]
For WTA [Read More]

Article 2: Tiebreak Trading in the ATP & WTA [Read More]


Updated 18/6/15:-
ATP since start of 2014 season, 3.10% ROI from 812 bets [Read More]
Challenger since service started 3/9/14, 3.83% ROI from 1089 bets [Read More]

Tournament Previews of this week's ATP & WTA events at Halle, Queens and Birmingham. [Read More]

Part One :-
A statistical overview of point data from break deficits in sets 1,2,3 for ATP and WTA [Read More]
Part Two:-
Assessment of WTA Lead Loss & Recovery Statistics [Read More]

Latest Product Information:-

Front-Runner and Recovery Scoring - ATP and WTA Top 100 players.
Recovery Data now fully available for both Tours.
I look at how we can combine three metrics to give an overall 'front-runner' and recovery score for Tennis players, and highlight which ATP and WTA players are good and bad as front-runners, and when losing n matches...
For ATP [Read More]
For WTA [Read More]

The 2013 & 2014 archived match and tournament previews have been removed from the site so it runs faster - if you would like these emailed to you please contact us at:

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Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet
The Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet is perfect for pre-match Tennis Bettors...

This new product, which was released in June 2014, shows the percentages for around 130 ATP players, and a similar figure for WTA players, for covering various handicap lines, including:-

* Various game handicap lines

* Various set handicap lines

* Various over/under total game lines

* Various over/under 9.5 games in first set lines

TennisRatings Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet

The Challenger Daily Spreadsheets cover all ATP Challenger Events and include projected hold percentages (for traders) and model prices (for bettors and traders).

Subscriptions are available until the end of the 2014 season:-

The TennisRatings In-Play Soccer Spreadsheet:-

Complete with in-play data on how often teams recover from in-play deficits in matches, and with home, away and overall data included, this is the TennisRatings Soccer version of the highly popular break-back concept in Tennis.