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The TennisRatings ATP/WTA Spreadsheet takes
Tennis Trading To A New Level...

Subscribers receive the following essential trading data on a daily basis - directly emailed to your inbox!

The TennisRatings spreadsheet (For players in every daily match on the ATP and WTA Tours)

Containing the following data:

The TennisRatings model's calculated Starting Price of each player - so you can see where the value is in an instant.

How good each player is at saving break points based on my research.

Surface hold and break statistics.

A break point 'clutch' score for the players - to see how good or bad players are at saving or converting break points.

Projected service hold percentages for the players based on the TennisRatings model. (And taking into account court speed).

In addition to this, subscribers also receive the following groundbreaking data...

Rolling Projected Holds:-

Having performed an incredible amount of new research into point by point data,  I’m very excited to announce a new concept to the tennis trading world – Rolling Projected Holds!  

Quite simply, I have found that the percentage chances of a player holding serve in their next service game bears a direct relationship to the score in their previous service game.  

Therefore, for each match on the ATP & WTA Tour, subscribers will be able to get specific projected hold data for every player based on the score in the previous service game.  This can vary by anything up to 20% difference per service game so naturally this information is highly useful!  

Break Back Percentages:-

The ATP/WTA Daily Spreadsheets also have break back percentage data for every ATP & WTA top 100 player – as always, I discuss this data at great length during match previews and my BreakBack Percentages article shows how you can use this data to effectively work out high positive expectation swing trading opportunities.

From just £50 for a 30-day subscription, this incredible new information, available via no other website, can be yours each and every day.  Take advantage now using the links below!

Season long (£375) and 3 month subscriptions (£125) are also available, enabling subscribers to make great savings compared to a 30 day subscription...

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The TennisRatings Daily Trading Spreadsheets have never been more popular!  

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The Challenger Daily Spreadsheets cover all ATP Challenger Events and include projected hold percentages (for traders) and model prices (for bettors and traders).

Subscriptions are available for 3 months:-

The Lead Loss/Recovery Data Spreadsheets have taken the Tennis Trading World by storm - discussed in detail in October 2015 at the Matchbook Traders Conference these incredible spreadsheets highlight lead loss & deficit recovery in individual sets, as well as how often a player loses/gains the first break of the second set based on whether they won or lost the first set!