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I take customer satisfaction very seriously. 
We are all traders together and have common goals and objectives.

I'm proud and delighted to say that I regularly receiving feedback from satisfied subscribers, telling me how happy they are with the TennisRatings products and services.  Your kind words encourage me to take on bigger challenges for the ultimate benefit of us all.

Here is a selection of what customers are saying:-

It's [the TennisRatings Trading Handbook] very well put together and a lot of info for a beginner. I'd gladly contribute to a testimonial as you provide a fantastic start point for a beginner looking to enjoy trading and understanding that little bit more. [CW]

Wow! I trade a couple of other sports, but can honestly say that was the best trading guide/info/handbook I've ever read! Worth every penny. I've been looking at getting into tennis for a while and that was the perfect introduction.  [MK]

Yes, I can confirm, these spreadsheets are awesome! [AW]

Hi Dan. 

I have read your ebook, it's the best thing I've ever read about tennis. 

There is so much I do not know where to start. [SG] 

Thanks for the handbook. Wish I'd have got this from you months ago, probably saved myself £hundreds and not just on tennis. [MH]

Of Course I would like to resubscribe as they're [The TennisRatings Daily Spreadsheet] great and I have to say that although I use small stakes (10 Euros per liability point), I made almost 500 Euros this month. (D.T.)

Many thanks for sending the book so promptly. I have read it once and I must congratulate you on the effort you have put into it. It is certainly better than all the other material I have wasted my money on! (M.C.)

I was betting on tennis over ten years and I made solid income.
The last two years I've been in the "trade world". I made some strategies for trading tennis but when I bought your handbook I found there some new angles and some new views for tennis trading. You have opened my eyes in some areas and I must say that your handbook is worth the money.
Your work on the website, on spreadsheets, and your co-operation with your members is excellent. (M.S.)

Hi Dan, Superb book, thought provoking and very well presented. Well worth the money in my opinion.

An excellent piece of work, Dan. (N.B.)

'Just a quick note to express how happy I am with your products.

I have been trading full time since 2006 and was barely able to turn a profit on tennis before so I concentrated on other things.

Thanks to your help tennis has recently become my most profitable sport and I'm looking forward to a big 2014.

Your statistical approach has been a tonic and also given me ideas I can use when trading other sports.' (N.W)

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the hard work which goes into your site, spreadsheets and tennis trading handbook. They form the most comprehensive guide to trading tennis that i've ever seen. The approach you use based on projected hold percentages and the trading strategies (detailed in the handbook) used to maximise the potential profit from trading give any trader, regardless of their experience in the markets a real and workable edge. This is all expertly backed up by your very approachable presence on Twitter, always on hand to answer any questions that crop up. 

I look forward to taking my tennis trading onto the next level, thanks in the main to you hard work so, keep it up pal and good luck in the

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The Lead Loss/Recovery Data Spreadsheets have taken the Tennis Trading World by storm - discussed in detail in October 2015 at the Matchbook Traders Conference these incredible spreadsheets highlight lead loss & deficit recovery in individual sets, as well as how often a player loses/gains the first break of the second set based on whether they won or lost the first set!