TennisRatings Tips Service

This service will no longer be available to new subscribers, for several reasons, and will expire on the 23rd August, 2014, when all subscribers have expired subscription.

The main focus of this website in the future will be analytical and research based products, as well as articles, and match/tournament previews, and a tipping service does not fit in with those goals.

Furthermore, I feel that my work/life balance being very poor I need to rein back slightly on what I offer, and with my focus being mainly on trading, this is a natural progression.  

I also feel that some subscribers have very unrealistic expectations of what to expect from a service.  It is incredibly difficult to beat more than 4% ROI on a pre-match play and naturally variance with this edge is large.  From what I have been told, the US based modellers return 2%, and as far as I know, there are very few people able to return over 5% betting pre-match over a large sample.  Having spoken to several people about this, I was told that I needed to have 'skin like a rhino' and another mentioned having to block people on social media networks.  I neither posess this, or desire to do this, and therefore this was another factor in my decision.

Pre-match bettors will be pleased to know that a new product will be released in the very near future to cater for their needs - the Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet!  

For more information and the opportunity to purchase the Ultimate Pre-Match Spreadsheet as soon as it's released, please sign up for TennisRatings Updates.