TennisRatings Packages

There are a number of TennisRatings Subscription Packages which offer even further great value to the existing products!

This overview reflects what is included in each package which can be purchased via the links on the right.

Platinum Gold Silver Betting/Trading Intro To Trading
Total Bundled Price £140 £120 £80 £65 £40
Saving From Individual Prices £35 £25 £20 £15 £15
30-day Tier 1 Spreadsheets Subscription *
30-day Tier 2 Spreadsheets Subscription * * * *
TennisRatings Trading Handbook * * *
Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet with 2 Update Credits ATP & WTA *
Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet with No Update Credits ATP & WTA *
Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet with 1 Update Credit1 ATP OR WTA *
30-day TennisRatings Daily Tips Subscription *

Please check out the TennisRatings Products link or the individual product links for more information on each great TennisRatings Product!

Also new for 2014 is the opportunity to refer a friend! 

Anyone referring a friend who takes out a subscription to a TennisRatings product will have a free 7 days added to their daily spreadsheet or tips subscription!  

All you need to do is either send me an email when a subscription is taken out with referral details, or add a note to the PayPal payment when making a purchase.

As usual, any questions please contact us at 


Please visit the
TennisRatings Products links for a full overview of our fantastic Tennis Trading tools, and the TennisRatings Subscription Packages link to see our great value range of discounted subscription packages!

The acclaimed TennisRatings  Trading Handbook is fully updated for the 2014 season!  

For a free preview chapter simply Sign Up for TennisRatings Updates.

The TennisRatings Daily Trading Spreadsheets have never been more popular!  

To check out how these can revamp your Tennis Trading, check out the YouTube Video we made for the 'Tier 1' Spreadsheets.

There are now a two-tier subscription method for these with the 'Tier 2' Spreadsheets having Rolling Projected Hold Data and Break Back Percentages!

The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet has attracted great interest in the Tennis Trading community!  This incredible trading tool will transform your Tennis Trading and unearths statistics and trading angles you've never considered possible.  Due to the work required to get this powerful information, the data on this spreadsheet is available nowhere else online! 

For a free sample spreadsheet featuring 4 players, simply Sign Up for TennisRatings updates.

Feel free to check out our Video of how this product can help you in the Tennis Trading markets is available!