TennisRatings FAQs

Below are some questions which I am frequently asked via email or social media.

Also, please find below a downloadable link to the user guide for the daily spreadsheets.

Can I receive a free sample of the daily spreadsheets?

Yes, simply sign up via the box above and I will send you a one-day sample of the daily spreadsheets for the ATP, WTA and Challenger Tours.

Do you do private research work, or are you available for writing jobs?

Certainly - please email with your requirements.

Do you offer advice on live match trades?  

Trading with someone live isn’t a service that I offer, however, trading advice for relevant matches are given in the daily spreadsheets (e.g. a certain player is a vulnerable front-runner) and trades are mentioned sometimes in the TennisRatings Skype Chat Room.

How do I access the TennisRatings Skype Chat Room?

The Chat Room is free for anyone who has ever purchased a TennisRatings product.  Currently there are over 150 people in the Chat Room.

How do you calculate the projected hold percentages for each player and how does this relate to model pricing?

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose projected hold percentage formulas or model pricing, because they took a great deal of work to produce.  

However, I will say that projected hold percentages take into account serve and return ability of both players, and relevant conditions for the match.

Can you provide historical spreadsheets for analysis?

Yes, this is possible.  Typically, these will be uploaded to a personal file on Dropbox for you to download for a small fee depending on the number of spreadsheets required - please contact with your requirements.

You wrote your book, Mastering Tennis Trading, several years ago.  Is the content still relevant?

Very much so - while the player data in the book is less applicable, the content still has great value and I am frequently contacted by readers who found the book very useful.

Are the lead loss/recovery spreadsheets a one-off payment?

Yes, after the one-off payment, all updates (usually provided on a weekly basis) are free of charge.

Is there a video for the lead loss/recovery spreadsheets?

Absolutely - you can check that out here.

How do I receive the daily spreadsheets and at what time are they sent?

The daily spreadsheets - available as an ATP/WTA subscription and a separate Challenger Tour subscription - are sent via email.  

It is very difficult to specify an exact time that they will be sent, as various factors (e.g. volume of matches, time zones, when the order of play is announced) have an influence.  However, generally speaking, spreadsheets will be sent on the evening before matches (UK time) for Asian/Australian events, early morning UK time for European events and later in the morning for American tournaments.

How much influence do the spreadsheets have on the markets?  Do they shorten pre-match prices when the subscribers receive the spreadsheets?

I will be adding an article with analysis on this in the very near future.

How have your spreadsheets performed for pre-match purposes historically?

There are downloadable links for historical P&L spreadsheets for the various tours using the drop-down links here.

How do you calculate the implied edge % in the daily spreadsheets?

The formula is actually in the user guide, but I’ll post it here as well:-

(100/TennisRatings Model Price) - (100/Current Pinnacle Price).

So, for example, if Pinnacle offered 2.00 on a player, and my model specified it should be 1.80, the edge would be (100/1.8) - (100/2.0) =  55.56 - 50 = 5.56% edge.

Any edge over 4% is highlighted in red, and included in the P&L records (not including 1st round matches).

Why do you recommend avoiding pre-match betting on first round matches?

Quite simply, first round matches are more difficult to model due to frequent uncertainty over player fitness and motivation.  Once a player has won a match in the event, it is much more likely that they are in reasonable condition and have motivation.

Does the TennisRatings model price factor in other factors such as fatigue, injuries and head to head results?

I make manual adjustments where relevant for factors such as the above (and others) for ATP and WTA matches.  Challenger spreadsheets provide the basic model price only.

Do you have any product which provides information on game totals (over/under) markets?

Unfortunately this is not an area that I have analysed in great detail, and therefore I do not offer any product which covers these particular markets.

Do you provide spreadsheets for qualifying rounds of tournaments, or Davis/Fed Cups?

The daily spreadsheets cover the main draw of ATP, WTA and Challenger Tour events only.  The Olympic Games were also covered in 2016.

Do you have any data on game handicap/Asian handicap betting?

Yes, you can download a historical P&L spreadsheet for backing ATP players with over 4% prematch value on the game handicap here.

The daily spreadsheet user guide can be downloaded below...

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