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The acclaimed TennisRatings  Trading Handbook is fully updated for the 2014 season!  

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The TennisRatings Daily Trading Spreadsheets have never been more popular!  

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There are now a two-tier subscription method for these with the 'Tier 2' Spreadsheets having Rolling Projected Hold Data and Break Back Percentages!

The TennisRatings Daily Tips Service has had very strong success in 2013 with 10.05 points generated from 269 bets (average stake 0.95 points) and a return of investment of 3.94%

The 2014 upgrade now includes outright tournament positions as well!

The Ultimate In-Play Spreadsheet has attracted great interest in the Tennis Trading community!  This incredible trading tool will transform your Tennis Trading and unearths statistics and trading angles you've never considered possible.  Due to the work required to get this powerful information, the data on this spreadsheet is available nowhere else online! 

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