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When owner Dan Weston started TennisRatings, his goal was simple - to deliver detailed tennis statistics and a better service to make life easier for his subscribers so that they can make better decisions with their tennis trading and tennis betting.

Dan began his career as a professional gambler around 18 years ago, and has worked in a number of fields, including online poker, where he also gained experience as a coach, making numerous trading videos of 6 Max mid-stake cash games.  

Following the UIGEA legislation which changed the poker landscape forever, Dan turned his attention to sports betting and trading, and after gaining some experience in the industry, it became apparent that there was a niche for a quality, stats-driven service to help tennis bettors.  

With many betting services have a bad name, due to bad information, an inconsistent approach and poor customer service, it became clear to Dan the type of company he wanted to create - a company with a commitment to provide quality customer service and advanced, groundbreaking data.  

In 2013, TennisRatings was born.

Our subscribers have written some really nice things about TennisRatings here, because I stand for methodical attention to detail, exceptional customer service and outstanding results.

You can also read more articles, and find more betting and trading data, all for free, via the various articles that I have written for Pinnacle Sports, and Bet Angel, amongst others.

Please feel free to contact me on twitter (@tennisratings) or by email (tennistrades@gmail.com).  I always enjoy chatting about tennis/gambling and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  

A lot of work and effort has been used in creating this website and testing and validating the content. Therefore I require that you contact me before copying or publishing any part of this website as it is all copyrighted material "as work of an intellectual endeavour". This courtesy saves me from having to take legal action against the unscrupulous.

Gambling, no matter how big an edge you may have, has risk - a
ll bets or trades carried out are incurred at the individual bettors own risk.
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The TennisRatings Daily Trading Spreadsheets have never been more popular!  

To check out how these can revamp your Tennis Trading, check out the YouTube Video we made for the old 'Tier 1' Spreadsheets.

The 2016 Daily Spreadsheets also include Rolling Projected Hold Data, and Break Back Percentages!

The Challenger Daily Spreadsheets cover all ATP Challenger Events and include projected hold percentages (for traders) and model prices (for bettors and traders).

Subscriptions are available for 3 months:-

The Lead Loss/Recovery Data Spreadsheets have taken the Tennis Trading World by storm - discussed in detail in October 2015 at the Matchbook Traders Conference these incredible spreadsheets highlight lead loss & deficit recovery in individual sets, as well as how often a player loses/gains the first break of the second set based on whether they won or lost the first set!