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7th October, 2017:-

The Matchbook Traders Conference will be held in London on the 1st November, 2017.

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18th September, 2017:-

My tournament preview for ATP Metz & St. Petersburg for Betfair can be found here.
My latest article for Pinnacle analyses the impact of 'super coaches' in tennis.

7th September, 2017:-

The first in a three-part series where I look at implied edge percentages and optimal staking...

27th August, 2017:-

Betfair Post-Draw US Open Previews & Selections:-

25th August, 2017:-

Betfair Pre-Draw US Open Previews:-

Pinnacle US Open Previews:-

23rd August, 2017:-

ATP/WTA Daily Spreadsheet Pre-Match Betting P&L Updates:-

1766 bets, 3.30% ROI (based on staking to win level stakes profit using Pinnacle Prices when spreadsheets sent to subscribers).

Prices 1.01-2.99, 1156 bets, 5.15% ROI.

967 bets, 2.59% ROI (based on staking to win level stakes profit using Pinnacle Prices when spreadsheets sent to subscribers).

Prices 1.01-2.99, 671 bets, 3.36% ROI.

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22nd August, 2017:-

My thoughts on the above subjects...

I look at ATP player break point performances & assess betting angles based on the data...

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